Droopy Eyes: Overview, Symptoms, How to Cure? 


Eyelids that seem drooping are called droopy eyelids due to a sinking eyelid membrane or an orbital shape that curves downwards and causes the eye corners to droop under eye level. The eyes appear to have a converging form as a result. It might be challenging to put up and look aged if the eyes are gloomy and lack brightness. Additionally, following the physiognomy rules, the eyes might sag due to the droopy external eye corners, making you appear insecure. Appear tense all the time.

Causes of Droopy Eyes 

There are multiple cause of droopy eyes, and here we have noted the main ones https://www.lovelyeyeclinic.com/th/eye-surgery/subbrow-lift. Read here to know more details:

Structure of the eye  

Naturally, the outside corners of the eye are higher than the inner corner of the eye; the eye socket’s skeletal composition might be to blame—lid skin versus ocular fat from the inherited traits present at birth.

Brow bones 

The structure and composition of human bones are different. Whether it is the length, size, strength, and curvature of the bones, this can straight impact the appearance of the eyes. For example, a few people have a very curvy brow bone. This might result in the formation of the lids coming downwards along with the brow bone. This will cause droopy eyes.


The eyelids and their structure always influence the appearance of the eyes. Extremely saggy eyelids are a sign of droopy eyes. The eyelashes may start drooping due to an issue with the eyelids, large eyelids, or both.


Saggy brows not only make it hard to draw eyebrows, but they also make a person look depressed and uncomfortable, which negatively impacts their individuality and physical characteristics. Additionally, the eyes start to sag. 


The most common symptoms for droopy eyes are- 

  • Saggy outer eyelids. 
  • An extensive amount of fat is stored around the lids. 
  • More settled corners of the eyes. 
  • The outer corners of the lids are droopy compared to the inner corners. 
  • Drooping eyelids can make the eyelids shorter than the regular ones.

Tips to cure 

The best possible ways to cure a droopy eye is-

  • Ptosis surgery 
  • Double eyelid surgery
  • A nonsurgical eye lift, etc.


If you are suffering from a saggy eyelid, contact a doctor or physician today for the finest treatment for droopy eyes.

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