Do postpartum waist trainers really work?


Well, postpartum waist trainers are trendy, but do they really serve your purpose? A big number of new moms wish to get rid of their post-baby bellies and use waist trainers? But are waist trainers safe for them? Read on to know more!

What is postpartum waist training?

Well, celeb moms such as Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian, Ciara and Kim Zolciak have stated that waist cinching has helped them in bouncing back after delivery. Even a lot of non-celebrity moms have chosen waist training after that.

Waist training is all about tightly wrapping your midsection from ribs to lower waist with a supportive band or corset to slowly lower your natural waist. A lot of women after delivery claim that tightening the waist trainer enhances thermal activity and sweating which leads to loss of fat. It eventually leads to reshaping and slimming.

Do postpartum waist trainers work?

There are several other cheap shapewear recommended for women after delivering babies however, out of all postpartum waist trainers work the most efficiently.

First you should understand the post-birth biology. A lot of fluid and hormonal shift happens during pregnancy; hence water retention after birth can be intense and discomforting. For a lot of women, post birth water retention is very bad in the first week after delivery in comparison to their pregnancy period. It may take around 14 days for abrupt retention to disappear and another 14 days for the remainder to go.

In the meantime, the new mother waits for her uterus to come back to its original shape from the size of a watermelon to the size of apple which can take around 6 weeks. This procedure occurs naturally whether you wear a postpartum waist trainer or not.

But what a waist trainer does is that it can help in relieving water retention and shrink your uterus quicker. It helps with weight loss and body shaping.

Think of your belly as a soft full balloon and you are going to tie a string around it. Well, because of its compression and strength, the air will get displace and move to the other edges of the balloon. Well, a waist trainer does exactly the same thing to you. It displaces water, fluids, fat and soft tissues.

You can check out the feelingirldress reviews to find out which shapewear or waist trainer is right for you.

Should you go for postpartum waist training?

Well, if you want immediate slimming effect or a temporal slimming look for yourself, then you should definitely go for it. If you are planning for an outing then this is a must wear as it gives you physical and mental confidence and gives you a picture perfect look.

The gradual compression plays a major role in supporting the thighs, pelvis and hips and assists the lymphatic flow. It is very important to pick the right size and style of waist trainer. Make sure you choose a reliable and reputed waist trainer wholesale vendor to make your purchase from. You may find stores that offer low quality, cheap shapewear. So, be cautious!

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