Ditch Food Addiction With A Lifestyle Change


Dieting is often associated with failure. That’s because so many people who start diets fail to keep them up. One reason for this is that many diets simply don’t work. They’re either too hard, too restrictive or just plain boring. People start them with good intentions but after a while it just gets too hard to keep going. Especially when they’re not experiencing the results they expected.

Dieting is about more than just changing what you eat until you’ve reached your target weight. Successful long-term weight loss involves making and committing to appropriate lifestyle changes that include a healthier way of eating.

For some people, eating is an addiction in much the same way smoking, or alcohol consumption, is. Unfortunately though eating is a requirement for life. Therefore, whilst a smoker or alcoholic can give up smoking or alcohol, giving up food is not a viable option. Food addicts must perforce find a way to develop and sustain healthier eating habits.

This is where changing the way you view food is a must. Food can’t continue to be something you indulge in whenever you feel a compulsion to eat. That’s how food addicts become addicted to food in the first place. At this point, most people immediately begin to think ‘diet’. Regrettably though most diets don’t do anything to address the underlying problem, which is how food addicts actually view food. Most diets just tell us what we can and can’t eat ie the good and the bad foods of the food world. Ironically, this usually sets us up to feel like we’re being punished for being overweight by being deprived of foods we enjoy.

We may also begin to feel that even one mouthful of a ‘banned’ food is an unredeemable fall from grace. This causes us no end of guilt. Rinse and repeat every time that bag of candy in the cupboard tempts us into sampling a bit. Eventually we get so tired of constantly feeling guilty that we chuck in the diet, go on an eating binge and revert to our previous unhealthy eating habits.

Real weight loss success begins with a lifestyle change, not a diet. That lifestyle change must incorporate new, healthy goals that are attainable but not pushovers. Start simple and just make a commitment to start eating 5 servings of vegetables a day. Include vegetables that are full of fiber and snack on those instead of junk. Pretty soon you’ll notice you’re not as hungry, and eating far less rubbish as a result. Then add 2 or 3 serves of fruit, healthy whole grains, alkaline mineral water,  nuts, seeds etc. Before you know it, your eating habits will have changed dramatically, the pounds will be dropping off, and you’ve done it without actually going on a restrictive, boring diet. Don’t forget to reward yourself for reaching a goal either! These rewards are great motivators.

Ultimately successful weight loss is more about what you eat than how much you eat. However, if you do experience slip-ups, a dietary supplement like an Angelina Jolie keto pill may give you a helping hand.

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