Clean Car Floor Mats More Effectively by Listening to These Tips


Caring for your car involves more than just maintaining what’s under the hood and regularly polishing its exterior. To do car care right, you also must pay close attention to how clean it is on the inside.

Car floor mats make it easier for people to maintain a certain level of cleanliness inside their rides because they catch all the loose debris you bring in via your shoes while also catching anything you may drop.

As you might expect, those mats can grow dirty in a hurry. If you’ve forgotten to clean them for a while, they can get particularly nasty.

Still, for the overall health of your car, you cannot afford to just ignore the mats you’re using.

To make cleaning up those car floor mats a much easier task, please take note of the tips included below.

Always Take the Time to Vacuum

You have to be thorough when cleaning the mats you use in your car. The best way to do that is by starting with a vacuum.

Eventually, you will want to invest in a full-fledged car vacuum that comes with a variety of attachments because that will be more useful for cleaning every inch of the vehicle’s interior. If you don’t have the money for that just yet though, go ahead and use a standard vacuum.

Remove the mat from the car and then vacuum both sides of it thoroughly to get rid of every piece of debris.

Select the Right Type of Cleaner for Your Floor Mat

Choosing a cleaner for your floor mat can be tricky because there are so many options to choose from.

If you head to your nearest hardware store, you should be able to find a variety of cleaners. On top of that, some household cleaners can get the job done too.

The key here is to consider what material the mat is made from.

According to Car Bibles, rubber floor mats can be cleaned effectively using just laundry soap and the classic combo of vinegar and baking soda.

You can still use the laundry soap and baking soda to clean a cloth floor mat, but that’s not going to be enough. In an article from, “Your Mechanic” notes that specialty car cleaners are effective at getting rid of all the unwelcome particles that have made their home on those cloth mats.

Don’t Forget to Let the Mat Dry

One of the worst things you can do after cleaning your floor mat is to place it back in your car right away. By doing that, you are creating a moist environment that may attract bacteria and the smell of a wet cloth carpet is also not pleasant.

Hang up your floor mat and just let it dry for as long as it needs because it will be of no use to you while it’s soaking wet.

Get a Floor Mat That’s Already Easy to Clean

Lastly, you can make the maintenance process easier on yourself by simply buying a car floor mat that is already easy to clean to begin with. You should be able to find those car floor mats with no issue and they even come in a variety of designs so get one that suits your design preference.

Taking the time to look for the right floor mat can save you a lot of time and energy moving forward.

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