cheerleading fundraisers ideas for High School Cheerleaders


One of the most significant parts for keeping the schools running and provides continuous development is through school fundraising. Many believe that schools don’t have enough funds due to budget cutbacks from the government. For this reason, parents and teachers’ associations need to think of a way to supply the needs of the school’s organizations. Among these groups are cheerleaders, varsity players, math and science clubs, and many more.  This creates the necessity for cheerleading fundraisers ideas.

Fundraising in school involves the participation of the students. The reason is we need to keep the spirit of the young generations until the end of the event.  For the best fundraising ideas, check out Fundraising Zone.

Nowadays, many charity works are applicable and can be executed all-throughout the year. However, one of the fantastic ideas that we can use in money-making activities is food fundraising.

In this article, we are going to share some relaxed and comfortable food fundraising that will aid you in boosting your cheerleaders’ fund for the entire year.

Food Fundraising Tips for Cheerleading High School

  1. Chili cook-off challenge

Chili cook-off can spice up the hungry tummies of everyone. You can demand an entrance fee for cooking participants. On the other hand, you can ask for some donations from the spectators. This procedure can double the funds you need for your pep-squad team.

  1. Host a gingerbread fun day in your school

During the winter break, you can host a gingerbread fun day for kids and young at heart. Motivate your team as well as other individuals to create various kinds of sweets. It includes candies, pastries, sprinkles, and candy canes.

Ask each participant a small fee that will cover the entire gingerbread kits. Once all gingerbread designs are completed, it’s time to check the most creative design and provide a prize for the grand winner.

All the collected funds from the gingerbread event will go straight to your non-profit organization.

  1. Cider tasting party

Cider party is indeed one of the best flavor events during the cold season. It gives many benefits, especially for health, particularly indigestion. Cider is useful to control healthy body weight, and it helps to get rid of toxins in our body.

Host a cider tasting in your community. By demanding a small amount of money, everyone can join in! You can select a wide variety of hard ciders for adults while you can create a mild apple cider for the kids.

To heat, the event, ask your high school cheerleading squad to perform some dance number to entertain everyone.

  1. Breakfast with celebrities

Hosting a breakfast together with your favorite Hollywood celebrities is a perfect way to start your day. To start this exciting event, you need to coordinate with different talent managers. Inform them that you are raising funds for your non-profit groups in your school.

Charge a flat fee or kind donations from each participant for a chance to meet and greet their favorite celebrities. Also, they can take photos while eating with their favorite breakfast meal.

  1. Sell a pack-lunch

Selling a pack-lunch can make life easier for everyone. You can prepare frozen meals, then sell it to busy families in your community.

You can post the food menu online or via social media. You can add more profit by offering food delivery directly to each house. They can pay the bills online or through cash on the delivery procedure.

  1. Serve a Hot Chocolate Drinks

During the winter season, we can experience freezing weather outside. Offer your neighborhood a hot chocolate drink to fight the chilling surroundings.

Ask your volunteer team to create a small booth for serving hot drinks to the community.

You can charge $1 per serving. To generate more profit, include some delicious pastries like cakes or bread to the menu. These snacks will compliment most of your chocolate drinks.

All the collected funds from serving hot chocolate drinks will transfer directly to your high school’s foundation. It is a simple but effective way to boost the energy of everyone in the morning.


Each one of us loves to eat. Therefore, creating different fundraising ideas is a very effective way to raise monetary funds for your high school cheerleading squad.

Food fundraising ideas are limitless. So, gather your PTA members and colleagues now, and together, let’s raise funds for the school’s organization.

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