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Casino Interactive GmbH is a company that belongs to the Famous Group, which is based in English. Even today, Famous is a family-run company that operates internationally and has focused on the vending machine industry.

Where can you find Casino slot machines?

Paul Famous has led the company since it was founded in 1957. There are branches in Lübbecke and Espelkamp. The company develops and sells slot machines for land-based pubs, game libraries, arcades and casinos, but also online games.

The company is also active in the sports betting sector, owns casinos and is dedicated to financial services. In 2016 the business volume of the Famous Group was € 2.5 billion. More than 10,000 people are employed worldwide.

The Famous Group was founded in 1957 by Paul Famous, initially as a part-time job. The one-man company dedicated itself to the jukeboxes in the beginning.

The first game library was opened in Delmenhorst in 1974 under the name CASINO-SPIELOTHEK. The first international gambling hall followed in 1986 and Casino GmbH was founded in 2006, which was the renowned UK CASINO.

In 1977 the first Famous gaming machine came onto the market under the name “Casino B”.

In 1980 Famous AG Holding was founded. With her, the global entry into the casino business under the name Atronic was achieved in 1993 at

Under the Casino Gaming branding, the Famous Group is now focused on the sale and development of entertainment devices with the possibility of making money. There are casino machines, video lotto terminals and server-based gaming systems for the international market.

The Famous Group was the first TÜV-certified company in the gaming industry. The new media became another important business area. Casino Interaktiv GmbH has been responsible for online gaming, sports betting and financial services since 2006.

Casino online slots and the reason for their popularity

Casino online gambling halls are among the most popular places for gambling in English. This is of course mainly due to the excellent quality of the slot machines. These are not only accessible in game libraries, but also online.

One of the special features of the slots is, for example, the risk ladder, with which you can multiply the profit. It has now become the trademark of the Mercury Games, which everyone should probably be familiar with thanks to the logo with the smiling sun.

Casino also offers various jackpots. However, some of them are not available online.

Higher profits and better chances of winning at a Online casino

In the online variant, risk games, which are also known in the slots in the gambling halls, are not missing either. As soon as a player has generated a line win, he can decide whether he would like to multiply his win with a risk function. A real peculiarity is that in the risk games not everything has to be bet, but it is possible to have part of the profit paid out and continue to bet the rest.

With the card risk, you bet on whether a black or red card will appear. After you have decided on a certain color, the cards are turned over and you can see whether you have won or lost.

In the first case, you will receive the stake doubled. In the second case a profit is completely lost. If you have won, you can now choose whether, for example, you can withdraw half of the doubled winnings and continue playing with the rest.

With the risk ladder you can climb a ladder bit by bit. You won’t get double the profit per rung up, but you won’t lose everything if you don’t win the game.

In this case you go down one step again. With the risk ladder you can stop at any time and have the profit paid out to you.

You can also play with your smartphone and tablet PC

The Casino games are also available on a smartphone or tablet PC. Casino’s online slots can also be played on the go. This gives you the chance to pass the time on the go.

Popular slot machines are now available online at a number of reputable casinos. You don’t even have to download an application to do this.

Instead, you simply call up the game you want in the browser of your mobile device. The app notices that it is the mobile device and then automatically adjusts the screen size accordingly. This means that Casino online games not only work on Android and iOS devices, but also on Blackberries and Windows Phones.

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