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Make sure your car is registered and has CTP Insurance

In Victoria it is against the law to drive a car unless you have paid for compulsory third party (CTP) insurance. Your CTP Insurance is a part of your car registration which means that you cannot register your car if you don’t pay for the CTP Insurance. Transport Accident Commission (TAC) is responsible for providing the CTP Insurance.

CTP insurance in Victoria provides compensation for people affected when your car is involved in an accident. It is compulsory so that the compensation for the loss is not dependant on the means of the person who caused the loss. It is mandatory all over Australia, but works differently in each state.

If you’ve been in a road accident, you can contact TAC. It is a no- fault scheme to compensate injured parties regardless of who is guilty. Generally, the idea is to make sure that the injured has full access to medical treatments. A part of the registration fees goes towards paying for road safety campaigns also.

The premium for you CTP Insurance depends on factors such as the type of vehicle you own, your intended use, seating capacity of your car, location and more. Even is your vehicle is not registered in Victoria, it needs have a CTP cover before you can drive it in Victoria.

Do you still need other Insurance?

CTP Insurance does not cover damage to property, damage to vehicles or theft. These incidents are usually covered in comprehensive insurance. Other type of insurances like comprehensive insurance or third -party insurance is optional. But it is a good idea to have them for your peace of mind.

The comprehensive car insurance policy provides the highest level of protection of the available types of cover in Australia. It provides cover for damage to your vehicle as well as other driver’s vehicle or property. It also covers damage caused by fire, storm, hail and theft.

If you want to protect your car from damage, check out different car insurance products. Different companies have a range of policies, whether you need Third Party Property car damage insurance or Comprehensive Car Insurance. You will have to compare CTP insurance quotes to determine the cheapest CTP price available in your state.

Importance of Comparing Car Insurance Covers

You can compare various policies in minutes on iSelect, an online website which is partners with leading insurance providers. Their car insurance comparison helps you compare policies side-by-side so that you can make a better decision. Unlike other comparison websites they are not owned by any insurance company. This means that you get an unbiased comparison every time and the best thing is that is free.

Getting started is simple as you just need to make an account and fill in your requirements. Their insurance experts will look up your car details and find comprehensive policies suitable to you. iSelect Victorian car insurance providers can be called to seek answers to your queries.

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