Basic Information about Power Only Trucking and Why Should You Choose It?


ny of you must be aware about power only trucking, but may not be know exactly what kind of service they provide. There are many companies who have their own trailers, but due to either shortage of drivers or number of trucks required to transport all the items to its destination, they cannot provide a better service.

When we hire a company meant for just power only trucking purpose then it means they will provide you with their truck along with their driver that you will need to haul all your cargo and the trailer to your destination. Such services are implemented for many different types of loads or locations.

If you ever need power only carriers services then call a company called “Ship a Car, Inc”, and one of their customer agents will be happy to answer your queries. They will provide you with all kinds of additional information that you might need.

Why to use services of such power only trucking?

For those companies who have extra trailers must be moved as compared to trucks accessible for moving them, then power only trucking will be the best option. This method of transportation is preferred by customers who need long time for loading or unloading their goods on trailer.

With this arrangement, both the client as well as the trucking carrier will be happy as the transporter will take his own time to load their carrier, also carrier will not waste his time while loading on the dock.

Following are few other benefits that power only trucking can offer:

  • Equipment investment

With this arrangement you need not make any investment for semi-tractor, which usually costs a lot of money, particularly for those who operate at a very low margin.

  • Maintenance and repairs

Another benefit of outsourcing the transporting service is, all power only requirement of the fleet owners will decrease, which will also eliminate their maintenance cost.

  • Driver compensation

By adding a new truck in their fleet, the company also needs to hire an additional driver in order to operate the truck. With this arrangement the companies can save that expense.

  • Fit your needs

Services provided by power only trucking are well designed to fit all your needs as the service provider will accommodate many different trailer types and sizes.

  • Control

With this option, you can retain much more control on the process because you will own the trailers, also your company will maintain and load them properly.

  • Reliable and also certified drivers

You can also have the access to few reliable and also certified drivers, who can haul your entire cargo safely and make sure that it will reach to its destination on time.

  • Cost saving

Mostly power only trucking will prove to be comparatively much cheaper option.  You need not pay for container fees as you have your own products and containers. Hence, this arrangement will offer you a huge savings by frequently shipping by using trucking.

  • No Insurance

You will not have to buy insurance for the truck, and this expense will be handled by the other end.

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