Baccarat Rocks on the Right Control


In Baccarat, you therefore have two opposing parties: the bank and the player. The bank is represented by a croupier or the machine in the case of online casinos. On the other hand, you can very well be around the table without being the player who will receive the situs judi qq cards. You can still make your bet: winning bank or winning player. Note that the player who receives the cards can decide to bet on the winning bank anyway. A third possibility exists: it is equality between the bank and the player.

The progress of a game of Baccarat

After making his bet, the banker will let the players do it as well. Each in turn, each player can bet what he wants as long as there is at least one who bets 50% of the initial bet of the banker.

As we have lavished on you in our previous pages, it is important for you to find the Baccarat variant that suits you. This will only add a little “taste” to your game and so you can have more fun in a game that suits you better. The rules, you know them. The advice, you received it. The only thing missing is the type of Baccarat to find. Well here is a description of the versions of Baccarat that you can find in casinos. It will obviously be easier for you to be able to access it via online casinos because the latter provide all the possible variants in their space, which will not necessarily be the case with land-based casinos.

These characteristics that do not change

There are points which, whatever variant you play, will not change. So you know that these characteristics will not be the elements of choice for you since they remain unchanged. There is:

Betting options: regardless of the version, you will always have the possibility of betting on the spawn (player), the bank or on the tie.

The value of the cards: the ace is worth 1, the faces and 10s are worth 0 and the other cards are worth their number. This valuation is therefore identical in the variants of Baccarat.

The variants:

American Baccarat

In our opinion, it is from this version that the variants are then defined. It is on this version that we have based our rules of the game in the previous pages. Do not hesitate to access it first to master the course of a game.

Punto Banco

It is a direct variant of American Baccarat which has for only difference the size of the table on which the players will be placed. This narrower accommodates a maximum of 7 players. It is a version which was created in Latin America and which was very successful the last century in Cuba for example.

The railroad

The difference here is major. The croupier will only play the role of supervisor since the role of the bank will be occupied by a player. These roles obviously rotate. This therefore means that two players are “active” with well-defined functions and the other players around the table remain bettors.


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