A Guide on Some of the Best Affordable Combo Pizza Meals that You Must Try at least Once


The cheesy and creamy taste of pizzas is an absolute treat that everybody likes to enjoy once in a while. And we say once in a while since not everybody can afford them so frequently. However, if you love pizzas to the core, then all you have got to do is look for them at the right places. Some stunning Montreal pizza houses like Double Pizza offer combo deals that you’ll be able to afford. For all that matters, you’ll be able to, thus, treat yourself as much as you like without waiting for a special occasion. 

Many such deals by this pizza house – Double Pizza – that you must know about, and probably enjoy, are listed below. Have a look and decide which one you like the best. 

  1. The 7 Days Pick Up Special Deal

This is a stunning super saving deal for people who like takeaways instead of ordering pizzas online. The deal offers:

  • One large pepperoni or cheese pizza at 10.74 dollars. 
  • One large all dressed creamy and crispy pizza at 13.74 dollars. 

Much affordable, isn’t it? 

That said, the following two super saver deals can be availed if you order Double Pizza online. Let’s have a look at those. 

  1. The C2 Special Deal

This is an entire combo for one that you can have for lunch or dinner or just for brunch that you’d like to enjoy randomly. It starts at the base price of 23.99 dollars. You always have the option to customize the combo pack further if you can afford it. 

That said, the base deal offers:

  • 2 Medium Pizzas (any pizza from the Double Cheese menu that you like). 
  • One medium packet of crispy fries. 
  • A single 2L bottle of Pepsi.
  1. The Game Night Special Deal

This combo deal at Double Pizza is one of the best online offers you’ll ever come across. It starts at just 21.99 dollars with which you can buy:

  • One all-dressed large pizza. 
  • A small packet of fries. 
  • 8 delicious juicy chicken wings with any one sauce of your choice. 

Aside from these deals, Double Pizza outdid themselves by offering a loyalty program for online orders placed from their website. 

Wondering what they offer with their loyalty program? If so, just have a look! 

  • Every 5 dollars spent online on Double Cheese is equal to 1 loyalty point. 
  • Once you collect 30 points, those points can be redeemed to buy either one large all dressed pizza or any 3 fresh toppings of your choice. 

On a closing note, Double Pizza is a people’s pizza house that believes in making everything affordable for their customers. You can always contact them via their website – Double Pizza – to find out more details about the many deals they offer. 

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