A detailed and structured study of the smok novo 2


For every SMOK fan out there, who were searching for a compact and light pod-style tool, but couldn’t stand the little lackluster and weak battery life, you will be glad to know that SMOK has come up with another product that exhibits the same fashion. The smok novo 2 renders a similar degree of portability. It comes with an extended battery power/life. It can be capable of providing a longer lasting kick and performance. With every pod holding up to 2ml of E-liquid, you have the novo posing an interesting and viable alternative for users of pod-style devices.

Follow the basics

People who appreciate the bandwidth to vape with all types of e-liquids, will love these smok pods. Its manufacturing quality is pretty good. While the cobra/honeycomb pattern has been a major trend in invading most of the SMOK variants, the novo 2 is a premier pod-style tool that implements that design. This fact alone makes it quite unique in its size category. Its shape resembles a pretty whistle, but its overall profile doesn’t have any jagged or sharp edges. Rather, it makes smooth edges and straight lines to form an ergonomic form aspect/factor. That’s why and how you can hold it easily in your hands.

More on the quality

The device utilizes an integrated and powerful 450mAh battery. The Novo 2 entails an edge in terms of its battery life. It also comprises on its profitability amount slightly. Comprising of just two components, like the main body holding the pod and battery, the device feels very solid. Comprising a tank, coil, and mouthpiece combination, its touch factor is solid. The best part is it doesn’t produce any rattling or audible noise when you handle it. Its singular and smart LED indicator compensates is paucity of display.

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