A Beginner’s Guide to Camping Gear


It can be difficult for a beginner camper to know all the required gear to take with them when they go camping. To get you started, Outside Walla Walla has compiled a list of items essential for any camping trip.


The most important thing you never want to forget is your tent if you are planning to sleep outside. It might sound appealing to sleep under the stars but a tent can provide warmth, safety, and shelter from the environment outside. 

Tips on What to Look for on Your Next Camping Trip

In extreme weather, you may be forced to spend several hours huddled inside your tent. Finding a place to stay that provides adequate space for everyone is essential. Check the tent’s floor length and height by crawling inside before buying it. Are you able to maintain an upright posture? Will it be enough room for the number of people that you plan to have staying in your tent? You do not want to purchase a tent that is too small. 

When choosing a tent option you will want the “three-season” shelter, which usually consists of a tent body, a rainfly, and mesh panels, which provide crucial ventilation and keep the interior from being stuffy and damp. This type of tent is able to be used in all seasons for camping in Walla Walla.

There are additional options for tents for purchase when you are taking your children with you. When taking the kids camping, a large cabin-style tent that can accommodate your group’s size is a great option. A good-sized tent is a good investment if you want to give your group more room and solitude.

Sleeping Bag

Nobody likes to feel uncomfortable when they sleep. This could impact how you feel the next day. You do not want to be without a comfortable sleeping bag as it may impact your camping experience.

Tips on What to Look for in a Sleeping Bag

Find a bag that can keep you warm in the coldest temperatures. Be aware that the stated rating is only an estimate and that you should also think about whether you will be sleeping in the hot or cold weather. Consider purchasing a sleeping bag 10 to 15 degrees warmer than the expected low temperature.  

There are two types of sleeping bags, a mummy or rectangular. You can get away with a less expensive rectangle bag in places where winter lows rarely dip below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. A mummy-style bag that clings closely to the body is ideal for extreme cold because it leaves no space for cold air to collect. Mummy bags are more practical for backpacking because they are compact and lightweight.

Some of the best-known companies provide bags with different torso and hip compartments to better accommodate male and female users. If your bag is too lengthy, air will be able to circulate your feet and cause you to lose heat, making the bag less desirable.

Cooking Wares

A stove is necessary for creating delicious meals, but it can also be used to warm water to keep your core temperature up in cold regions. For this reason, before you go out and buy a stove, you should first answer these three questions: Will I be car camping or backpacking? How many people will I be cooking for? What kind of food will you prepare, food from scratch or merely rehydrate freeze-dried meals?

Tips on What to Look for:

A huge dual-burner propane stove can handle numerous pots and simmer efficiently, allowing you to create more complex meals for several people. A canister stove with an integrated fuel tank or a liquid-fuel burner is ideal for backpacking. Remember to bring your cutlery and plates.

For more information or questions on camping gear, contact Outside Walla Walla today. We want to make sure you are prepared for your camping adventure. 

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