A Beginner’s Guide to A Truck Upgrade


First-time truck owners usually have that excitement brimming within them as they finally have their own truck. Yes, trucks are versatile, durable, and great performers. However, if you want to take your truck’s performance to the next level, you may consider getting an upgrade. Whether it be something as small as getting a reverse camera or something drastic like getting new wheels, all of these improvements can surely help you drive smoother and safer. We compile a list of the usual truck parts that get upgraded to guide you and to help you choose which one you want to focus on first.

  • Wheels and Tires- The tires are what come in direct contact with the road. While regular tires already perform well, upgrading to heavy-duty or off-road tires can provide you with better grip and traction on the asphalt. It also enables your truck to adapt to harsher road conditions.
  • Suspension- This is responsible for impact absorption. Upgrading to air or racing suspensions can help your truck drive smoother.
  • Brakes- This is the most essential feature of a truck as it keeps you safe from accidents. Trucks usually come with drum brakes. However, upgrading to disc brakes can ensure that you can stop more efficiently.
  • Turbocharger- This can help your truck lessen air pollution and maximize your engine. It is a turbine-driven device that harnesses volumes of air into your combustion system.
  • Fender flares and trim- These accessories can elevate your truck’s overall look and aesthetic.

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