5 Ways Charitable Giving Is Good for You


People earn money and sometimes blow the entirely on useless things which they never going to use after one try. There is no rule to how you should use your money, it is your money and you have earned it. But you want to devote yourself to helping others, and then charity is the perfect way to use your money. A charity is something you do with your heart; you don’t need anything in return. One of the best examples of the non-profit organization is WE Charity, founded 25 years ago in Canada with the dual mission of inspiring children at home to make a difference through service and helping children to escape extreme poverty. With the co-founder Marc Kielburger, the organization is helping more than 200,000 children and 30,000 women all across the world.

Volunteering is something and offers your time, money, and energy to help to make the world a better place but also helps you to become a better person.

Here are five ways that show how the charity is good for you-

Giving improves your health:

When you volunteer in charity events, you feel satisfied most of the time.

Many people do exercise, Yoga, running to make themselves healthy, but it is not the only thing that can improve your health. Volunteering can help in improving the ability to overcome stress and reduce the rate of depression. It can also help you to involve with new friends across the world.

Altruism is contagious:

When a person tries to do something good for someone, it causes a chain of reaction of other altruistic acts. One study says the people tend to follow what they like if your work as a volunteer could encourage others to do the same, this is the best thing you can do. If many people join with you that will definitely make some change in our society.

Helping others makes you happy:

There is a belief that says if you help someone who needs help, god will give you back. But if you are doing this to get something in exchange, it is wrong and mainly you will not get anything. If you actually try to help someone, you will happy from your heart, because making someone smile is the best human thing to do.

“He who serves the most reaps the most.”-said, Jim Rohn.

Helping others may help with chronic pain:

People who are volunteering regularly are mostly happy in their life. A report says that the more you get active in these types of charity works, the more it helps to decrease your chronic pain.

Helping others gives you sense of purpose and satisfaction:

The more we give the happier we feel. Volunteering increases self-confidence. When you do something good for others and society, it will give a sense of accomplishment. It helps you to be positive and confident. Helping others can make you feel satisfied.

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