5 Tips for maximizing settlement in your car accident case


You were injured in a car accident that wasn’t your fault. Colorado is a fault state, and therefore, the at-fault driver must pay compensation to the victims. Filing your car accident lawsuit and winning the case may not be easy. In this post, we are sharing top tips for maximizing settlement in a car accident case. 

  1. Call an attorney. Start checking for an auto accident lawyer near me soon after the accident. Knowing your legal options and rights is important at this stage, and an attorney can guide on the same. Your lawyer will also investigate the matter further, to establish fault and liability. 
  2. Keep the evidence safe. Photographs and video footage of the accident scene, medical bills you have paid, medical documentation of your injuries and treatments, vehicle repair bills – These are crucial details and evidences of a car accident case. Ensure that you have all the evidence handy with you. 
  3. Get medical treatment. Sometimes, it’s hard to understand the overall complications of your injuries right after an accident. Even in such circumstances, you should consider getting medical treatment, so that your injuries are documented. Car accidents often cause spinal and neck injuries, which may not be immediately apparent. 
  4. Consider all kinds of losses. The compensation you get from the at-fault party isn’t just about your medical bills. If you have suffered injuries that can impact your employment or how you live your life in the future, the compensation should cover for that too. Ask your lawyer about the realistic compensation you can expect. 
  5. Build your case. Just because you believe that the other party is at fault doesn’t always mean you will win the car accident lawsuit. Even the best attorneys work on their case extensively, to maximize the compensation for their clients. Ensure that you get an attorney you can trust for the homework. 

Finding the right auto accident lawyer

Not all auto accident lawyers are same. If you are working with a personal injury lawyer for the first time, ask them about their experience with car accident claims and whether they have handled a case similar to yours. 

Don’t shy away from discussing the facts of the case, and if you believe that you had a minor share in fault, let your lawyer know. Colorado follows the modified comparative negligence rule, so your fault can hugely impact your eventual settlement received. If your lawyer is aware of the accident aspects, they can work accordingly. 

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