5 Things You Can Use The NHIF Portal For 


NHIF stands for the national health insurance fund in Kenya. It provides all the health coverage to the Kenyan’s. One can use the benefits of NHIF no matter from which sector he or she is private or government sector or an outpatient or the inpatient, before the era of the internet one has to go to the nearest branch to use the services but today one can use nhif status online portal to use the services. The online portal makes it easy to access all the services.

Our dedicated services can be used for covering a wide range of health care and to benefit the user. 

  • Outpatient Services 

One can use outpatient services for the general physician who runs his small clinic and who has a license.

Serious outpatient services can be provided by a physician who has specialization and has a license and to whom a patient is referred by the general physician where the patient was registered.

This service serves all the regular patients who are registered and serve according to terms and conditions. 

Guideline For The Limited Services Are: 

  • Kidney Services And Estrangement 
  • Nostrum And Medium Misuse Recovery 
  • Radiology, MRI, Ultrasound ECG, And CT Scan Services 
  • Services Like Severe Diabetes And Hypertension  
  • Sever Illness Services Like Cancer, Tumor, And Therapy For These Diseases Like Radiotherapy Or Chemotherapy Authorized By The Fund. 
  • Caesarian And Normal Delivery.
  • Extremity Road Assists 

It provides emergency transport services ambulance to carry a sick person from the incident site to the hospital or to carry where facilities are available and health insurance is also affiliated but within the territory. 

  • Dental Cover 

Dential care provision is also provided to outpatient this include extraction, root canal, dental X-ray services, and accident-related dental problem. 

  • Inpatient Services 

The patient who cannot be treated as an outpatient is referred to an inpatient based on their health report they are referred by the physician for severing condition or operational conditions. They are benefited from services like;

  • Operational Charges 
  • Surgeon Fees
  • Improvement Services
  • Operation Theater Services 
  • Physiotherapy 
  • Treating Charges 
  • X-RAY, CT SCAN, MRI, And Other Test Services 
  • Medicine And Internal Surgery Machine Services 
  • Overall, It Covers All Of Your Hospital Services Charges And Provides You Best Services.
  • Eye Treatment 

NHIF also covers your optical treatment charges such as eye operation or else basic eye check-up and your prescription for glasses and medicine. And accident-related charges.

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