4 Unexpected Expenses and How to Deal With Them


It’s more than likely that not many of us are strangers when it comes to unexpected expenses.

According to Murphy’s Law, anything that can possibly go wrong will do so at the worst possible time, and most of the time it’ll be when we least expect it to do so. The good thing about this is that, contrary to popular belief, unexpected expenses can actually be planned for. Here’s a quick look at a few of them and one way the truly unexpected can be handled when you haven’t planned for it.

Car Trouble

Unless you have a brand-new car, you’ll more than likely experience car trouble occasionally. If you don’t plan for the expenses of this nature (and they can get quite pricey), you’ll find yourself in a bind really fast. If this happens to you, you might find yourself needing to visit one of the loan places Jacksonville, TX is known for. However, you can plan for it too by setting aside just a little money each pay period and also by making sure that all routine maintenance is done when it needs to be done.

Medical Costs

It happens to the best of us. Everything can be going fine, and then all of a sudden, a tooth can begin to bother you, or you can get truly sick. If you don’t have insurance, health care is incredibly expensive. It can be easy to panic when it comes to figuring out how to pay for it. You might try to tough it out, but you should never take chances like that with your health. An emergency fund can help you tremendously in situations like this. If you have credit cards, they can too.

Technical Issues

Most of us are inextricably intertwined with our electronics these days. Fortunately, that attachment we have isn’t a physical one. Think about how many broken screens you’ve had, or the dreaded blue screen of death, or even having devices lost or stolen. Depending on what you need to replace or repair, you could find yourself shelling out more than $1,000. If you use your devices for work, this type of expenditure is a necessary evil. Believe it or not, some types of devices can be covered under your home or renter’s insurance policy, even though you’ll likely need to pay a deductible first. Having a policy of this nature can be a life saver.

Home Repairs and Maintenance

Finally, If you’re a renter, you can probably skip this one because it’ll be your landlord’s responsibility. Homeowners need to be prepared though. HVAC units can go out, bad storms can knock trees onto roofs, blow roofs off, or even cause flooding. Plumbing needs repairing occasionally. Even the electrical systems need work from time to time. One way to combat this is to make sure that you have an emergency fund in place so that you don’t need to take out a home equity loan to cover the expenses.

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