4 Car Rental Mistakes Every Singapore Resident Should Avoid

Singapore may be known for its efficient public transport system, but riding the bus, train, or taxi is not for everyone. Waiting in long queues, travelling with strangers, and riding a vehicle that stops multiple times before getting to their destination may not be for company executives planning to meet their business partners or families and friend groups travelling together for an out-of-town trip. Fortunately, car rental services in Singapore have become a popular alternative to the public transport system. If you are only hearing about car rental programmes for the first time, they are services that let you book a sedan, SUV, van, or other vehicle type for a specified period and amount. Thanks to these solutions, you can travel comfortably for your business or leisurely trip without experiencing the hassles of riding the train or bus. If you plan on getting a short or long term car leasing service in Singapore, you should keep a few things in mind. Learn to pick a vehicle rental company that will prioritise your needs to help you find the ideal car model and lease duration. You should also research as many car rental details as possible to ensure you know what you will get from such a service. Finally, avoid the following mistakes to ensure that you have the best car rental experience:

1. Not Comparing The Rental Company Options

Never get a premium car rental service in Singapore without checking your other leasing options. Failing to do so may cause you to miss cheaper deals from a more reliable and capable vehicle rental company.

2. Renting A Car At The Last Minute

If you want to lessen your short or long term car rental costs, do not book a vehicle a few days or hours before your trip. Rush and same-day bookings often lead to higher costs and fewer vehicle choices, so you should get a car rental plan weeks to months before your travels.

3. Not Reading The Fine Print

Your car rental plan’s terms and conditions will inform you about your rights and responsibilities as a vehicle lessee or ‘borrower’. You may feel tempted to ignore and dispose of this lengthy document, but doing so may make you susceptible to fraudulent activities.

4. Getting Every Add-on Available

Opt out of add-ons when getting car rental services. These peripherals will only cause you more money compared to buying and bringing your must-have car accessories. Never commit the four mistakes above when getting a car rental plan at Hertz Singapore! Check out their website for details about their short and long-term car leasing programmes.

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